crocheting arugami (dolls)

crocheting arugami (dolls)
June 21, 2016 cutergecko
crocheting arugami (dolls) - ears

When Ellie was born, Karl got me into crocheting by buying me a little fox kit from the book store. After that, I started crocheting with hats… & hats & hats. Eventually, when I got sick of that, I found a fun pattern for a crochet doll (or as they call it in crochet-land, arugami). I posted about my first doll a while ago (here), and since then have ventured into making a new one with a few additions of my own.

The process of making one of these dolls is quite cathartic. It also blends really well with my minor OCD because once you’ve got the art of stitching down, it’s really a game of numbers.

Crocheting arugami (dolls) – Lalylala style

The original pattern is by lalylala and is adapted from the Kira kangaroo pattern. I decided to leave off the tail and pouch but use the rest of the figure. My additions were the leather padded feet soles, beaded pouches inside the feet and my own little ‘Amy’ tag on the hat.

I used Alpaca Tweed yarn and you’ll see in the last photo that the two dolls that I’ve made are different sizes. That is simply because of the weight of yarn that I used, nothing else changed about the doll.  Here are some photos of the results:

crocheting arugami (dolls)
crocheting arugami (dolls) - custom leather foot pad
crocheting arugami (dolls) - custom name tag
crocheting arugami (dolls)


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